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GLAD: Back program

Every year, 4 out of 10 people experience back pain

​GLA:D Back is based on the latest scientific evidence. It prioritises education (knowledge and tools) and movement (exercise) to help you work towards your goals.

GLAD: Back program
GLAD: Back program

GLA:D Back Program  is a treatment option for patients with long-term or recurrent low back pain that affects everyday life and function. . The program combines both education and exercise to improve self-management skills in patients with back pain. The purpose of GLA:D® BACK is to help patients manage their back pain better themselves through a well-described and structured course of treatment. 

GLA:D Back has the potential to positively impact patients, by encouraging easy and enjoyable exercise, as well as exploring various or different ways of moving rather than ‘moving correctly.’

This program is unique in that the education and exercises provided can be applied to everyday activities. By strengthening and exploring various movement patterns, participants will train their bodies to move properly, prevent symptom progression and reduce pain.

GLAD: Back program

What does GLA:D Back Program involve?

GLA:D® Back is a program that implements guideline recommendations, through standardized patient pain education and exercise therapy for people with persistent or recurrent low back pain. GLA:D® Back consists of two individual pain education sessions that initiate the program, and is followed by a course of eight weeks of supervised group exercises – twice a week.

GLA:D® Back is delivered at Exercise Matters by one of our certified GLA:D® Back clinicians. The initial consultation forms the foundation of the GLA:D program. It entails the assessment, education, and exercise plan which are then individually graduated over the course of 8 weeks. Please contact Carl at if you have any questions or would like to book in to undertake this program. 

AM I ELIGIBLE FOR                        ???

GLAD: Back program

Can I participate in GLA:D Back?

GLA:D® Back Australia is a program for all individuals 18 years of age and over who experience persistent or recurrent low back pain, for more than 3 month’s duration.


You may participate in the GLA:D® Back program if you have persistent or recurrent low back pain that resulted in visiting a healthcare provider. The decision to enrol in GLA:D® Back is at the discretion of the clinician in a dialogue with the patient.


You may not be able to participate in the GLA:D® Back program if you:

  • Have other reasons for your low back pain (for example, pregnancy, tumour, inflammatory joint disease, nerve, soft tissue or connective tissue problems)

  • Have other symptoms that are more pronounced than the low back pain problems (for example, chronic generalized pain or fibromyalgia)

  • Are currently participating in a supervised exercise or rehabilitation program or enrolled in another interventional clinical trial.

  • Unable to understand and communicate in English.

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