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Jarrad Greentree Exercise Physiologist

Jarrad Greentree (AEP)

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Jarrad is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist born and bred in Noosa. Jarrad’s professional interests lie in athlete development and exercise rehabilitation for musculoskeletal injuries. Jarrad also enjoys working in the paediatric exercise physiology space, believing children should not be held back from being physically active because of any condition, disability or injury. Jarrad has experience in exercise prescription for cognitive disorders and neurological rehabilitation and enjoys assisting his clients to achieve their personalised goals, no matter how big or small those goals might be.


In his spare time Jarrad is a keen triathlete, focusing on the long-distance half Ironman events aspiring to race in the world championships for these events. Having goals of his own, assists Jarrad in understanding client goals and empathising with the ups and downs of an exercise journey. Jarrad is a warm and friendly exercise physiologist who will assist you with your exercise rehabilitation and lifestyle modification to ensure your introduction to an active life is successful, sustainable and evidence based. 


Jarrad also delivers the award-winning evidence-based exercise programme for osteoporosis -  ONERO (TM). To enquire about joining this class please click here.

Dr Sven Rees Exercise Physiologist

Dr Sven Rees (PhD, AEP)

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Sven is an experienced Exercise Physiologist with over 20 years of experience. Sven is the Director of Exercise Matters and Noosa Mind & Body Allied Health Hub. Sven holds a PhD in Exercise Physiology from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Sven has worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at the New South Wales Institute of Sport, as a Sports Scientist at the Sydney Academy of Sport, and as an Exercise Physiologist in his own practice. In addition, Sven has lectured in Exercise Physiology units at a number of universities. As a clinician, Sven has worked with a wide range of individuals: from Olympians, elite sporting teams through to individuals with chronic diseases.

Sven also delivers the award-winning evidence-based exercise programme for osteoporosis -  ONERO (TM). To enquire about joining this class please click here.

 Carl Thistlethwayte DEXA Scan

Dr Carl Thistlethwayte


Dr Carl Thistlethwayte is a Bone Densitometry Technologist. Carl enjoyed  13 years of “hands on” clinical practice as a chiropractor prior to retiring due to a chronic repetitive strain injury in 2019. Since then he has perused a career in lifestyle medicine, health coaching and academia and has worked for 3  years as a sessional lecturer in applied clinical nutrition at Central Queensland University. Carl adopts a person-centered,  coach approach to support clients in co-designing health goals to facilitate sustainable health behavior changes in conjunction with their exercise physiology prescriptions.

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