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Exercise Physiology for Functional Neurological Disorder

Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) is a complex neurological condition which can present with disorders of body movement, sensation, speech, and function. There is no structural damage of the brain, nervous system or muscles with FND. With FND, the brain does not function smoothly with altered signal interpretation causing brain signals to be affected, resulting in abnormal movements and other symptoms. Symptoms may include intense fatigue, weakness or paralysis, pain and challenges with thinking clearly. Involuntary movements and dissociation are also common within FND.


The management of FND is best approached with a multi-disciplinary medical and allied health team. Exercise Physiology forms part of this team approach to FND. Exercise can improve function and aid in improving the underlying functionality of an individual with FND. Contact Exercise Matters to discuss how we can assist in managing FND.

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